During the annual Student vs. Staff Obstacle Course Challenge at Kelley School in Newark, the student team prevailed by completing the course 1 minute, 22 seconds faster than the staff team’s challengers.
The student team finished the course in 15:28; the staff team finished it in 16:10.
The competition annually pits students against staff at Kelley School after students in grades 3-5 complete three weeks of gymnastics, apparatus and obstacle course units.
The obstacle course focuses on building muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance. It was designed by physical education teachers Henry Kuperus and Ashley Stoughton.
Each class selected one student to represent them in the competition. Staff participants were not only from Kelley School.
Participants had the opportunity to practice completing the course before the event in preparation for the competition involving skill, agility and endurance. Whichever group collectively completed the course emerged as the winner.
This year, the competition was held at the end of the day with the entire school community present to watch and cheer.
Student team members included Brook Arnold, Arianna Blount, Caleb Coleman, Jafred Cruz D’lijah Ford, Lucas George, Raina George, Brooke Hamelinck, Madelyn Hobart, Jayden Jolles, William Kesecker, Alivia Muller, Ryan Colon Ortiz, Claire Paro, Morgan Paro, Jonah Pettine, D’Vyne Powell, Jaydon Robinson, Jacob Rose, Jamari Schuler, Aiden Shaffer, A’na Belle Smith, Carson Stoffel, Cody Tack and Daelyn Trivett with Principal Jeff Hamelinck.
In addition to Kuperus and Stoughton, the staff team featured Melanie Bagshaw, Sarah Bambury, Emily Bisland, Clare Botelho, Cindy Briggs, Elizabeth Brozik, Superintendent Matt Cook, Scott Diamond, Steven DiBenedetto, Alisa Elder, Katherine Fingar, Megan Greene, Kristina Lewis, Cassandra McCumber, Shannon McGinnis, Laurie Palmisano, Kailey Ritch, Shelli Sutton, Lacie Urban, Kelly Valone and Lisa Zalacca. Josh Arnold, of Premier Martial Arts, also participated on the team.
Fifth-grader Logan Jones assisted in the competition by retrieving the scooter after each person used it in the final leg of the course.