Parents from Clyde-Savannah say it was a tense meeting Tuesday night after concerns someone has ripped off a substantial amount of money the children have been raising for activities for the upcoming Daddy-Daughter Dance.

The meeting of the Parent Teacher Group at Clyde-Savannah Elementary School on Tuesday was supposed to focus on the upcoming Daddy-Daughter Dance. Instead, parents say it was tense over concerns someone has ripped off the money the children have been raising for activities for the dance.

"[It's] shocking that somebody would take the money from the kids," says parent Brandy Davenport.

Superintendant Mike Hayden released a statement Tuesday saying that a school employee who is also a parent-teacher volunteer is suspected of stealing funds from the PTG's bank account.

Wayne County's Sheriff, Barry Virts, confirms his department is investigating.

Clyde-Savannah parents tense after money stolen from kids' fundraisers

"You're supposed to put your trust in these people," Davenport says, "So, it's extremely unsettling."

So far, nobody has been arrested, and the school district is promising this won't sabotage the Father-Daughter Dance.

"Yes," says Hayden, "We are still moving forward with all scheduled events."