To Mr. Wachs:
Though we are of different political persuasions, I often enjoy your columns because of the unique and even enlightening way you present the issues and answers. This time, in your column about the U.S .being seen as untrustworthy in the global community, you have it completely wrong.
In a nutshell, the U.S. has been seen as an easy touch in just about every agency, country, policy and accord you mention. When we as a country finally lay out obligations and responsibilities, including assessing the “how” not just the “why” or the “what” we have historically been expected to do (which seems to never be enough), responsible nations, agencies, projects and leaders of character not just greed and gripe, will understand that trust is a two-way street. Global politics is not a 1970s “I’m OK, You’re OK” sensitivity session, which is the image you leave me with.
Setting boundaries and limits, you may have noticed, is a growing trend. If it’s good for the Hollywood crowd, what’s to say it’s not for the D.C. folk, the global community and the rest of us?
Mike Lubas
West Irondequoit