We stood in silent protest in Seneca Falls, listening to the angry chants of those deceived by the radical left. “It’s my body; it’s my choice,” was distinctly heard over and over. Of course the body is simply on loan to us until death, and when one considers that there is another body which they are making a death choice for, it becomes apparent that it’s not just their body.
When questioned, “What about the baby in your body?,” they answer very often with cynical resound, “What about after the baby is born? Who’s going to care for it then?” Those who are claiming, “It’s my body,” actually admit this is a baby. But not even this chilling admission can bring those deceived to embrace life for the growing child. Yes, we stood in silent protest, speaking for the voiceless, but the press refused to notice.
Time was when we thought the life struggle was merely a question of convincing those deceived that a human life was being slaughtered by abortion. But then the argument was ignored, and scientific truth was bypassed by calling a preborn child a “blob of fetal material.” Even after ultrasound pictures produced a moving, breathing picture of a preborn child, it still was not convincing. The response today continues with the argument that even if a child in the womb is human, he/she is not a person and the slaughter continues to be justified.
Of course, distinguishing humans as nonpersons has a tragic history. Jews were considered as human, but not persons in Hitler’s Germany. African-Americans were recognized as property, but not as persons. However, history’s hindsight begs the question, do we want to repeat
the tragic mistake our forebears made? We can only hope that the truth about abortion will lead to preborn children being accepted as persons. Then perhaps the press will notice and speak for those who have no voice.
F. Mack Spellecy