Two New York state legislators recently submitted a proposal that would require new packaging for laundry detergent pods. The move comes in response to a recent trend known as the Tide Pod Challenge, in which individuals take videos of themselves biting into laundry detergent packets.
As small businesses close their doors and our infrastructure falls apart, it’s astonishing to see Senate and Assembly Democrats add the regulation of Tide Pods to our laundry list of problems. There’s no easy way to spin it other than to say the people who are participating in this trend are old enough to know laundry detergent is not safe for consumption, and the people behind this legislation should know that it’s not the manufacturers who are to blame when people make stupid decisions with their products.
I suggest that instead of hanging taxpayers out to dry, Democrats should focus their energy on fixing the load of problems the people sent us here to solve in the first place.
Assemblyman Joseph Errigo
R-133rd District