The area immediately above the door at Joey’s Northside Market, 1148 N. Main St., Newark, recently was adorned with red and pink Valentine’s Day dogs made by Katy Beck’s kindergarten class at Lincoln School.
Owner Joey Nicosia wanted the children’s’ artwork — inspired by his dog Diesel, a boxer/lab mix — on display above the door to the convenience store so that parents and students could find it when they visit.
Nicosia, who operates the store with his sister, MaryAnne, agreed to become the classroom’s community partner in January.
“It was a no brainer,’’ MaryAnne Nicosia said. “Anything we can do to build a sense of community with the school, we will.”
Jerri Martin, a teacher assistant in Beck’s classroom, said that, as a community partner with the class, Joey’s agreed to showcase some of the children’s artwork so parents, students and the community can see what they are doing.
Beck’s students enjoyed making the dog Valentine’s for the store.
“I liked making the puppies because of the floppy ears, and I thought it would look good at Joey’s,” Kyrel McKoy said.
Liam Corbett said he thought “people in the store would really like them, and they would be so surprised.”
Martin said students will make artwork for St. Patrick’s Day that will be displayed at Joey’s. At the end of the school year, Beck’s class will walk to the store and celebrate with ice cream provided by the Nicosias.