Lincoln School kindergartners in Newark recently learned just how big the number 100 is by celebrating the 100th day of class for the 2017-18 school year.
Classes led by Katy Beck, Meredith Calabretta, Martha Groot and Emily Zschoche used blocks, Legos, Cups, pennies, Unifix cubes and pattern block cards in quantities of 100-plus to create and stack things for 90 minutes in the morning.
Students counted out 100 different pieces of candy to put in plastic bags for themselves. They made construction paper portraits of how they would look if they were 100 years old. They made necklaces from 100 cereal pieces. They licked lollipops at least 100 times to get to the gum center. They did jumping jacks, sit-ups and toe touches in quantities of 10, adding up to 100. They made hats and glasses with 100 on them.
Groot said the kids loved all the 100th day activities.
“It really made the number 100 come alive,’’ she said.