Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently awarded more than $4 million to develop 10, 24/7 Open Access centers across the state to deliver immediate engagement, assessment and referral service options to individuals seeking treatment for substance abuse.
Wayne County Department of Mental Health received $450,000 to expand access to substance abuse treatment in the county and surrounding Finger Lakes region.
The Wayne County Open Access Center will aim efforts in combating substance abuse and alcohol addiction, and proactively address the public health problem of addiction to prescription opioids and heroin. The center will offer the same level of immediate access service options to individuals dealing with a mental health problem.
The primary goal is to ensure that anyone in need of substance use disorder services has immediate access to addiction treatment services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Staff will be on-hand to help people, family members and law enforcement with addiction treatment services for those who are in need.
Staff will provide an immediate assessment and start the referral process to the appropriate level of care.
The center will assist those with a mental health problem in a similar process.
“This Open Access Center will allow us to have a significant impact and better help the people in our community who are suffering from the ravages of heroin and opioid addiction by making these services immediately available to anyone at any time, day or night,” said James Haitz, director of community health services for Wayne County. “Those suffering from a mental health problem will likewise be equally able to receive help and services right away. Waiting to get help will be a thing of the past.”
Call (315) 946-5722 to reach Wayne Behavioral Health Network.