The New York State Thruway between exits 47 (LeRoy) and 48 (Batavia) was closed Monday afternoon. 

It was caused by what started as a welfare check on an individual that ended up shutting down the highway for four-and-a half hours. 

"Earlier this afternoon we got a report that came through the Amherst Police Department," said Capt. David Denz with the New York State Police. "Distraught individual, possibly threatening suicide and they were pinging his cell phone, showed him to be on the 90." 

Within a short time, troopers located the car and tried to get the driver to pull over. Instead of stopping, the man took off, leading police on a high-speed chase. The driver had a gun. After about 10 to 15 minutes, he pulled over on the side of the road and stopped.

At that point, New York State Police closed the two nearest exits and crisis negotiators responded. 

Denz said that time was on the side of law enforcement.

"We understand we're inconveniencing the public, based on their inability to travel freely through the area," Denz said. "But that's outweighed when it comes to somebody's life."

It paid off for law enforcement. Denz was happy with the way the incident turned out.

"It took several hours, a lot of negotiating," he said. "But we secured the scene and eventually without any kind of violence having to be taken, he surrendered himself."