Perkins Elementary in Newark is in the running to get a new playground with Culturelle's Project Playground competition. The current school playground can only accommodate 50 of the 250 children and it's not accessible for kids with disabilities. We'll tell you how you can help the district- with a simple click to cast your vote.

Imagine being told you can't use the school playground as a child. Perkins Elementary in Newark doesn't have a playground for all kids, but with your help there's a plan to change that.

Every day about 50 out of 250 students at Perkins Elementary get to use the playground because it's so small. As if that's not bad enough, kids with disabilities can't use it at all. The district is in the running to get a new playground with Culturelle's Project Playground competition.

Madelyn DeMay is in kindergarten at Perkins, she doesn't mind sharing, but she says it's no fun that some days they can't play outside.

"Only one class can go at a time...and I hope that class is us," DeMay said. "If It's not our class we don't get to play outside and if they take a long time, we don't get a chance."

Teachers like Stephanie Potter have to come up with other ways for kids to play.

"They give you those little puppy dog eyes and say okay we'll play inside again today," Potter said.

The playground is not ADA compliant. This means students in wheelchairs can not use the playground.

If Newark wins project playground, the district would get $100,000 to build a new playground for all students. Mark Miller, director of grant services for the district says they have the space, but not the money.

"When our original playground was condemned a few years ago we built another one, but because we have so few resources in Newark we could only afford a small one," Miller said. "This isn't just about a playground it's about community."

DeMay and other students are hoping you can help them get closer to their goal with just a few clicks.

"I'd rather play outside, because outside is much funner than inside," DeMay said.

You can vote once a day on all your devices until March 15th. You can vote here.