Perkins Elementary School children in Newark recently celebrated their 100th day of the school year in seemingly hundreds of ways.
Students brought their 100th Day projects they made at home into their classrooms. The 100th child who entered the gymnasium before the 100th Day celebration assembly started, kindergartener Amelia Borom, received a medal.
Led by music teacher Maria Walton, students, staff, parents and others sang a 100th Day song, and everyone cheered about it being the 100th day of school.
School psychologist Bryan Malchoff showed a “Seven Habits of Happy Kids” animation video called the “Egg Hunt” that demonstrated the fourth habit, “Think, Win Win.” With Malchoff was the “Seven Habits” stuffed hound dog, “Red, The Hearts and Habits Hound” who helps to promote the habits.
Lisa Barrett and Becky Jandreau, co-chairmen of Newark Food Closet, received 147 food items donated by staff.
Second-grade student leaders, who came up with the idea of creating certificates of praise to honor teachers, teacher assistants, foster grandparents, special area teachers, service providers, custodians, cafeteria staff and secretaries who make Perkins School “so great,” came forward and presented Principal Sue Achille with a gift and statement to read called “Praising Perkins People.” It said, “Someone at Perkins School thinks you are special. Check out the wall by the cafeteria to see who! Thanks for all you do to make Perkins School such a wonderful place for kids.” A sampling of more than 100 certificates made by Perkins students were put up on the wall near the cafeteria.
Achille and secretary/TA Mandy Crowder cut and released 100 balloons from bouquets as children counted each one rising to the ceiling.
Earlier in the week, in honor of the 100th Day celebration, Mark Plyter, executive director of Wayne County Humane Society, came to the school to pick up 178 items, including dog and cat food and treats, stuffed animals and paper towels.