While the 2018 Winter Olympics were held in Pyeongchang, South Korea, students at Lincoln School were participating in imaginative Olympic-themed games of their own in Newark.
Physical education teacher Mez Chilcott taught students in grades pre-K-2 various facts about the Olympics and South Korea, such as what kind of athletes compete at the winter games, how they qualify for the competition, the 14-hour time difference between Newark and South Korea, how South Koreans greet friends in their age range and older adults and the significance of the number of rings and colors in the Olympic flag.
At the start of their PE classes in February, students held an opening ceremony by dramatically entering the gymnasium while the Olympic games theme was played.
Students learned that the order of countries in the processional starts with Greece, where the games originated, and ends with the host country. This year, it was South Korea.
Each class took the Olympic oath to be good sports, play without cheating and respectfully follow the rules for the glory of the sport and the honor of the school.
One student in each class “lit” the Olympic torch, and the games began.
Competition in the gymnasium during the games included skeleton, bobsled, luge, biathlon, hockey, speed skating and curling using various kinds of makeshift equipment fashioned by Chilcott. Medals, purchased with PTA funds, were awarded to the winners.
Music teacher Mary Lou Bonnell crafted her classes around an Olympics theme, taught related songs and showed students videos of Winter Olympic events and USA athletes.
On the 35th annual Winter Fun Day, Carole Jablonski, cafeteria manager, and her staff prepared a Korean beef and rice dish, in addition to the regular menu, that students, who signed up to have it for lunch, ate with chopsticks provided by Wegmans.