The Rochester City School District and the Rochester Police Department are investigating how 14-year-old Trevyan Rowe, who is autistic was able to go missing between the school bus drop-off and walking into the building.

It's a short distance from where the bus drops off students to the front door, but within feet of School No. 12, Trevyan Rowe disappeared.

Whether anyone notified the family in a timely manner is being looked into as we now know the school is launching an external, independent investigation to determine exactly what happened after Trevyan got off the bus, especially since police believe he was spotted on a bridge early Thursday morning, before ever being reported missing.

"I think they dropped the ball on that one," said Kent Handy, Trevyan's uncle. "An autistic student should not have been able to walk off, and I definitely know someone should have called us when he wasn't in class."

Superintendent of the Rochester City School District Barbara Deane-Williams admits the district simply does not have all the facts right now with different people saying different things.

"We are still checking to see if and when a call went out and to whom and what number that's what I mean about having the opportunity to look at the facts, were hearing a lot of inconsistent information," said Deane-Williams.

The typical protocol is a robocall going out to the number provided to the school, but it isn't clear if that ever happened. Despite this, the superintendent stresses she still feels confident about safety procedures in place.

The Rochester Police Department is also investigating those policies and how Trevyan was able to just wander off school property.

As for students returning Monday without their classmate Trevyan, grief counselors will be at the school for anyone who needs them.