After Tuesday saw admission after admission that several adults had failed Trevyan Rowe, his family responded to the findings.

After Tuesday saw admission after admission that adults had failed Trevyan Rowe, his family responded to the findings.

The body of the 14-year-old with autism was discovered in the Genesee River on Sunday, four days after he had walked away unnoticed after being dropped off at School 12 by the bus on Thursday morning.

Tuesday, both the Mayor and the Rochester City School Superintendent announced that protocols weren't followed. Trevyan's aunt and uncle, who he had lived with for most of his time in Rochester, were careful about their reaction to the city and school district's announcement, but they also said Trevyan didn't receive the support he needed in most areas of his young life.

Jean Handy, Trevyan's aunt,is heartbroken. So is her husband Kent, and their children. They knew Trevyan as few would get to know him. Handy says she thinks Trevyan got off of his school bus because he was afraid he was in big trouble for losing his cell phone

"I know that if he wasn't so furious about that phone, he would still be here," she says.

"It was just that phone. He was so scared, so hurt."

Handy knew Trevyan so well because he has lived with their family for most of the last three years.

Jean says that about four years ago, Trevyan was living in Dallas, Texas with his mother, Carrie Houston. Jean says that Houston called her for help, so Jean packed up her own children and moved there for nearly eight months helping the family. When she came back to Rochester, she says Trevyan came with her. Handy says Trevyan was quiet, but she says most people didn't know him.

"If Trey don't know you, he won't fool with you," she says. "He has to warm up to you the way that he warmed up to me when I got to Dallas."

"[He] was a talker... like [to] the people in the house, not the people outside," she added- also saying that he was one of the most loved of those who lived in her house.

The thing that she most thinks about, though, is this: How it all could have been different if someone could have intervened in his life last Thursday.