More than 300 musicians in grades 4-12 from Newark Central School District filled the gymnasium at Newark High School with music during the recent Cavalcade of Bands concert.
More than 600 audience members heard NHS Concert Band and Wind Ensemble, conducted by Robert Humphrey, instrumental music teacher; Beginning Band (fourth-graders) and Continuing Band (fifth-graders), conducted by Cynthia Briggs, Kelley School instrumental music teacher and NCSD Music Department leader; and the sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade bands from Newark Middle School, conducted by Rebekah Valerio, instrumental music teacher.
Student musicians from NHS helped set up the gymnasium before the event. District maintenance workers transported additional chairs as well as larger musical instruments and equipment from other buildings, and helped to assist in the 90-minute setup.
“The Cavalcade of Bands provides those who attend each year with a great picture of what happens instrumentally in our district,” Briggs said. “As the instrumental music teacher who first introduces students in fourth grade at Kelley School to playing musical instruments, it is truly exciting for me to see each year what my former students have accomplished. I know members of our community really enjoy this concert each year.”