This year’s theme for National Nutrition Month in March is “Go Further with Food.” Whether it’s starting the day with a healthy breakfast, fueling up before active play or sharing a family meal, the foods you choose can make a real difference. By planning meals and snacks with your family, you can reduce food waste.
Here are three tips that will make it easier for you to plan family meals, while stretching your food dollar.
Map out your meals each week. You can avoid stress at mealtime by planning a weekly menu with your family. Include meals like stews, casseroles or soups, which “stretch” expensive items into more portions.
Plan time for family meals. Cook, eat and clean up together! If evenings are too hectic at your house, consider other meals for family time such as a weekend brunch or even afternoon snack time. Keep the family table a media-free and stress-free zone. Use your valuable family time to “unplug,” interact, and focus on each other.
Cook once, eat twice. Making leftovers part of your plan can save money and time. Prepare enough of a dish to eat multiple times. Freeze family-sized portions for meals later in the month. And don’t forget to spice up your leftovers. For example, try leftover chicken in a stir-fry, over a garden salad or in chili. Remember, throwing away food is throwing away your money!
Visit for more ideas on family meals and saving money and time on food, healthy recipes and upcoming events. Look for Finger Lakes Eat Smart New York nutrition educators at food pantries and other community events near you.