In my opinion he has done so much for the Palmyra Reformed Church, an additional church and it’s school plus the entire Palmyra community. I just don’t know where to start, but here goes.
To ease your suspense, I am speaking of Steve Marsille. The question is, what has he done to assist and help nearly everyone he comes in contact with? I feel he has truly saved and held our church together in many difficult times. He led our consistory as it dealt with the many issues, one of which dealt the securing what was believed to be a new chosen leader that most unfortunately did not succeed. Under guidance of Classis procedure, he followed many steps involving much time and effort. Regretfully it wasn’t meant to be; however, he continued to purse and with our Lord’s guidance lead us to our most fitting, deeply Bible based soul, who now leads our membership nearly every Sunday morning, holds monthly Bible study and so does so many personal visitations at hospitals, homes and wherever he is needed, Rev. Barham. I believe Steve has been called not by Palmyra Reformed Church but by God to lead everyone he comes in contact with.
Now Steve chose to step aside from the heavy leadership responsibility mainly because of too much stress affecting his health. A wise decision! However, while our church needed his assistance he was also most heavily involved with still another church and church school — East Palmyra Christian Reformed. He has done so much for his former school in coaching, instruction in classroom and has now stepped up as president of the school board. Truly a most giving soul.
Going back to our church, he has consistently been a member of church choir, lead opening announcement time at morning services and most frequently assumed responsibility of the children’s sermon during our weekly services. Of course, he has taught various Sunday school classes, too. Oh yes, I should not overlook he has even conducted and brought our morning messages as a lay preacher when called upon.
Camp Fowler volunteer, cabin counselor and participant in spring preparation for the camping seasons. Then we should not overlook his expertise of photography, sound system and computer. He has a big heart with many children in his neighborhood, and quite often befriends them by exposing them to the Christian way of life by encouraging them to come to church and Sunday school. How can one individual do so much, I frequently ask myself? If only the world would be filled with more individuals so dedicated to our Christian way of life.
One more outstanding undertaking he was most involved with, was when fire struck Palmyra’s Main Street a few years ago and many individuals found themselves homeless and in great need. He nearly put his life on hold and, along with many other volunteers and the Rev. Nancy Farrell, assumed leadership to jump in to their rescue for housing, food and nearly everything to bring them back to their previous life. He spent many hours of his time working on this humanitarian project. I suspect taking vacation time and all free time coordinating the needs of these people. A truly outstanding dedication to the service of others regardless of his own time and that of his family. Just how much more can one individual have done. Steve, you are truly one rare Christian man sent by God to assist so many others that you have come in contact with. I am sure I have missed many other things you have done during your walk in this most weary and sin-sick world we call our home. Palmyra has been truly blessed. Your parents, though now deceased, I am sure are looking down upon you and are truly proud. I sincerely wish I could come close to your strong giving attitude but I fall far short of your accomplishments.
I am glad I have taken the time now to sing of your praises rather than at the service when the Lord takes you home.
Well done, Steve Marsille, good and faithful servant of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.