The baby boy was born at home within minutes of the 911 call

A Palmyra baby could not wait Monday morning for an ambulance to get his mother to the hospital for his birth, so his father had to fill in — with help from the Wayne County 911 Center.

Greg DeWolf, 911 operations manager, said Supervisor Matthew Bixby took the 911 call that came in at 8:53 a.m. from a man reporting his girlfriend was in labor.

Bixby, according to Emergency Medical Dispatch instructions, helped the man deliver his son.

“He talked him through preparing her for delivery,” DeWolf said. “It was very quick.”

He said by the time the father got back on the phone at 9:01 a.m., the baby had been born. A Finger Lakes Ambulance vehicle arrived a short time later to take the infant and his mother to a local hospital.

DeWolf said it was Bixby's first dispatch delivery. He said such births are rare, but happen, noting dispatchers helped a caller deliver only one baby last year and one the year before, but had three special deliveries in 2015.

“The efforts of Supervisor Bixby are a fine example of the excellent service provided every day by all of the team members in the 911 center in Wayne County,” DeWolf said. “I am proud of Matt and the entire dispatch team that we have at the Wayne County 911 Center. We wish the family and newborn baby all the best.”

He did not want to release the names of family members without their permission.

All dispatchers in Wayne County are trained to the National/International Academies of Emergency Dispatch standards and certified as emergency medical dispatchers.