Let’s head to the village of Palmyra Historic Cemetery located at 272 Vienna St.
As you enter, you are greeted with an arch given by O.J. Garlock. A white picket fence is on your right, indicating the home of the old cemetery custodian almost 100 years ago. As you head to the 1886 chapel, you are struck by the solemn right side lined with trees and monuments on those graves closest to the sidewalk. This section offers many of our most current friends and relatives. Although there are stones throughout this section, most of them are level with the grass and unseen until you stand above them.
You have arrived at the Rogers’ Chapel. If you go to the left, you are greeted with the cemetery office. On your right, as well as straight ahead, stand the stately, marble and granite stones, signifying Palmyra’s loved ones from 1800 to today. On your left is the playground with distant voices of children past.
Historic Palmyra annually brings history and cemetery residents to life in October, telling their stories, meeting them firsthand and finally knowing who is wandering around this sacred place. Palmyra is not your average place, and these residents are not your average folks. Their stories are unusual, thought provoking, tragic and amazing.