AWOL status for missing soldier in place. The department's Violent Criminal Apprehension Team is now looking for Sgt. Carl Seeman. The main reason for calling in the team is because they are 'people finders'… whether it is someone who is wanted or someone that is missing.

The Public Affairs Department says a soldier from Churchville who went missing Sunday has been put on AWOL status.

This is simply standard protocol for when a soldier fails to report.

Sgt. Carl Seeman was stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina when he disappeared over the weekend.

Seeman's family says he hasn't been seen or heard from since Saturday night when he called to tell his supervisor he would be reporting back to base by Sunday morning. However, he never showed up.

“Which concerned his [supervisor] because Carl would never miss his reporting time. It prompted a call to [his mom] and unfortunately we had to wait the 24 hours before filing the official police report for a missing person,” explained Jim Maloney, Sgt. Seeman’s grandfather.

Maloney said Sgt. Seeman grew up with the ambition to join the military, with many members of his family serving in the past and present.

“He is military all the way, he is Army strong. He wouldn’t miss [reporting] so it sent up a red flag,” said Maloney. He said Sgt. Seeman enlisted in the military directly after high school and was in his sixth year serving, currently as a paratrooper.

“He loves it. Loved it, loved it, loved it. From the day he joined that is all he wanted to do was jump out of planes,” said Maloney.

He said Sgt. Seeman called his mom on Thursday to tell her about upcoming training at Fort Polk, Louisiana. It was to be with the Joint Readiness Training Center, which includes realistic scenarios for interaction for deployment to places like Afghanistan, where he has already served one tour.

“He was looking forward to the training in Louisiana next week…which is why we’re concerned, he wouldn’t miss that. Where is he? We just want….want him to contact someone,” said Maloney.

When asked if his grandson ever expressed the desire to leave the military, Maloney addressed the status of AWOL directly and said, “Carl was Army strong. From day one to the last time we heard from him.” He added, “he was looking at staying in for life, he loved the military since grade school and couldn’t wait to join.”

Police in the City of Fayetteville said they located the 25-year-old's truck and his cell phone, which was inside his vehicle. It was parked at a Walmart roughly 13 miles from the base, where he lived in the barracks.

Fayetteville police tell our affiliate in Raleigh, NC that they do not suspect foul play. At this time, the department’s Violent Criminal Apprehension Team is looking for Sgt. Seeman.

“And the main reason for that is they are ‘people finders’…whether it is somebody who is wanted for with a warrant for an outstanding criminal process, or somebody that’s gone missing. They are the team that finds people. So, that is why these cases are assigned to them,” explained Shawn Strepay with the Fayetteville Police Department.

He added, “they are working hard, even as we speak, to locate him.”

Police said they will track calls made on his cell phone and go over Walmart surveillance video to see if it captured anything that would indicate how his truck got there and if it provides any clues into his disappearance.

On base, the 82nd Airborne Division is conduction its own investigation. The Criminal Investigation Department is looking into the AWOL status. It will check his room and his belongings to see if they can get an idea as to where he may be or why he disappeared.

Until further notice, he will be placed on AWOL status.

His family says his commitment to the military never waived.

“Carl did his part for this country and will do his part for the country. I’m asking the country to give back a little and help us find him, to get him home or back to base,” expressed Maloney.

He added, “as a civilian I want my grandson back home where he belongs. I know he has another family with the military… but I want to hold him.”

Maloney said the family is taking direction from the investigators in North Carolina to determine when they may head south to help with the search.

He asks anyone with information to call 911