The cold air is not only impacting our Spring Fever but also all the vegetation that has been waiting for spring to arrive because cold temps mean late blooms.

The cold air is not only impacting us people, but also the vegetation has been waiting for spring to arrive.

For example some trees are blooming much later than average here in Rochester. The Witchhazel a tree that blooms to show the start of spring is just now hitting full bloom.

Walter Nelson, a Horticulturist, said, “Its' one of the earliest trees to flower and it is out there in full bloom right now. That tree if it is a mild winter will bloom in January."

Now this late bloom is not just something reserved to Rochester by the way. The cold air has even put significant delays on the famous Cherry Blossom bloom in Washington DC. Now the cold air is not all bad, especially for fruit farmers.

The key thing for them is when the warm air comes it needs to stay warm. By the way, Walter Nelson also noted the Magnolia trees are starting to bloom now and the Lilacs typically come in 2-4 weeks after that.

Just in time for the upcoming Lilac Festival.