A Sweden woman has been charged with murder in her 7-year-old son's death

Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo launched an investigation into the county's Child Protective Services operation after the murder of 7-year old Abraham Cardenas last week in his home just outside Brockport.

The county says it is illegal to reveal child protective service cases, but a day after Cardenas' murder, the county executive ordered a preliminary review to see if the county had any involvement with his family. And because of that review and advice from the state, Dinolfo has now ordered a full investigation of what role, if any, the county played.

Abraham Cardenas was murdered Thursday night. The Monroe County Sheriff says his mother, Hanane Mouhib, did it. Mouhib called 911 twice in March complaining of mental health problems, and she was in the hospital March 8-26. Abraham was killed less than two weeks after his mother got discharged. 

The county will not say if child protective services was involved.

"I do, however, believe that this case is so shocking and appalling that it deserves our full attention," Dinolfo said.

The investigators picked by the county executive include county Commissioner of Human Services Corinda Crossdale, who said, "At no time did CPS have information to reflect that the mother involved in this matter was a violent risk to her children."

Crossdale added, "Any reports of violence between any child and anyone in the community would be reported to the state central registry. There were no reports to the state's central registry with regard to abuse by mom."

Whether CPS had any contact with Mouhib prior to the killing, however, would be confidential information, according to Mike Davis, Monroe County attorney.

One of the programs under review is called Family Assessment Response, or FAR. It's an intervention with a family but not a full-on CPS investigation. That program is now suspended.

The county executive wants the review done in 45 days.

The State Office of Children and Family Services issued this statement today:

"We at OCFS are shocked and saddened by this child's tragic and horrific death. OCFS has directed an immediate and comprehensive safety review, and will be directly involved by providing assistance and oversight of the review. Pending the outcome, the state will commence additional actions as needed. Monroe County's Department of Human Services has been under a corrective action plan since 2015, following a review of its child protective services program. OCFS suspended the Family Assessment Response (FAR) program due to our ongoing concerns."

OCFS says 21 counties have the FAR program. Only the one in Monroe County is suspended.

Monroe County Sheriff Todd Baxter said he does not believe his office was contacted when Mouhib was discharged from the hospital. County deputies had made the mental hygiene arrest of Mouhib and took her to Rochester General Hospital after her second 911 call in March.
The sheriff said part of what he calls the long-term investigation will look into who had contact with Mouhib and who knew she got out of the hospital.

"I think as we put the pieces together of this investigation, of other horrific investigations, I think what we're seeing here is that need for what we've been calling a threat assessment team, the people that break down silos and talk to each other when we see a potential threat," Baxter said.

Sheriff Baxter did say his investigators are not finding evidence that Mouhib was planning on hurting her children, which included Abraham and his 10-year-old brother.

Calling hours for Abraham will be held from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday, April 11, at the Fowler Funeral Home, 340 West Ave., Brockport. His funeral service will follow at 6 p.m.