Ending the month of November on the 21st, 1876, we find that Past Vice President VP Colfax gives a lecture on President Abraham Lincoln. Colfax, where did I hear that name before? He was the first vice president running with U.S. Grant, and the 150-foot pole on East Main and Fayette Street was put up for their campaign.
On Nov. 22, 1891, a cyclone ripped through Palmyra and tipped over a number of fair buildings. Odd that this cyclone “tornado” went south of the Main Street, and the 1970 tornado went north then following East Main Street.
On Nov. 24, 1835, a great fire destroyed the Eagle Hotel, which is where the Hotel Sellen was rebuilt and stood until the late 1986 when it burned down completely. Over 151 years later, this historic hotel was gone.
Nov. 25, 1905, a train crash happened with the train crew in Palmyra. Nov. 26, 1817, the Palmyra Register was the first published Wayne County newspaper. On Nov. 28, 1883, an explosion on the West Shore Railroad killed five in Macedon.
To end the month’s happenings, the American Express Company rented a storefront in the Jarvis Block. What makes this significant? Henry Wells began his express business in Palmyra in the 1840s when much later he met Mr. Fargo, and together they formed American Express and Wells-Fargo. Right here in our Palmyra. Do wonders never cease?
Dec. 1, 1865, when the Civil War was coming to an end and some of the bloodiest battles were fought, Gavitt and Lyon opened a bank in Palmyra.
The Union School incorporated as the Palmyra Classical Union School on Dec. 2, 1857. That school was in a similar spot to where the existing Pal-Mac Primary School is today. The current school was built in 1923; it is just shy of 100 years old.
Jumping to Dec. 8, 1865, when an application was submitted to the state of New York regarding a highway tax compensation. And so it begins, taxes.
Small Business Saturday was a huge success. The village of Palmyra was busy all day, and the Alling Coverlet jumped on board a little late in the game; however we had 10 new friends and customers come in just to say high and see what was up. Where were these folks from? Rochester, Buffalo, on their way back home from Skaneateles or heading back to Syracuse, but they just had to stop at the Alling Coverlet Museum.
Did you know that Palmyra was named in the list of the top 10 small villages that must be seen? We were No. 9 while No. 10 was Skaneateles. Did we say that we live in a very special place? And who knew our congratulations go out to Dr. Robert Ike, the superintendent of Pal-Mac Schools, for his award as the best superintendent in all of New York state school districts. A giant congratulations go to Superintendent Ike, who is a friend of Historic Palmyra.
Shop local, because out of all the villages in New York state, Palmyra is No. 9.