Cornell Cooperative Extension relies heavily upon the knowledge and enthusiasm of our volunteers. There is no way that staff, alone, could reach out to more than 15,000 Wayne County residents each year.
Our volunteers help gardeners make the best decisions for pest control and plant growth to protect the environment. Our volunteers share their life skills with our youth to become better citizens. Our volunteers share their love of food preparation and preservation to help consumers expand their food dollar. Our volunteers help share information about CCE with the general population, so that more people learn about resources available. Our volunteers gather information, prioritize needs and make decisions for our organization, our building and our programs.
I want to especially thank our board of directors — President Sally Billington, Vice President TJ Chamberlain, Secretary Tammy Lozipone, Treasurer Dan DeMarree and board members Amy Kearns Auten, Russ Talbo, Jerry Ghidiu, Judy Watt, Charles Hill, Jorge Bueso and Rick Wigle. I want to thank you for your passion for CCE and for your insight and guidance as we celebrate 100 years of service to Wayne County, and plan for the next 100 years. Thank you for all your heart!
“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.” — Elizabeth Andrew, team leader with Habitat for Humanity.
Beth Claypoole
Executive director, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Wayne County