Ongoing kindness and generosity from two former Newark residents recently allowed 20 elementary students — five from Lincoln School, five from Perkins School and 10 from Kelley School — to purchase a new bicycle, helmet and locking device.
Students received certificates that were redeemable at Walmart in Newark from Chief David Christler, of Newark Police Department.
Several parents were on-hand to see their children receive the certificates.
Children were selected based on feedback from school staff and their performance in terms of meeting academic requirements, being kind to others and upholding the school’s guiding principles.
Christler commended the children who received certificates at each school, and encouraged them to adhere to bicycle safety rules.
“We consider ourselves to be very blessed that there are such generous donors and for our positive partnership with the Newark Police Department,” said Jeff Hamelinck, principal of Kelley School.
The individuals approached Christler in June 2017 to establish a fund that would be administered by Newark PD to purchase bicycles “for deserving young people who, for whatever reason, did not have a bike or had performed a service worthy of reward.”
“The couple knew how bike ownership influenced their lives when they were young, and now it seemed right for them to pass on their good fortunes,” Christler said. “Both wished to remain anonymous, and preferred that the Newark Police Department use this tool to establish a bond with the community youth. They are truly a wonderful couple, and the community is blessed to be a benefactor of their spirit of giving.”
Twenty students received certificates in August 2017 based on their positive attitudes, good citizenship and good summer school attendance.
This last winter, the couple paid for winter coats, hats and gloves that were confidentially distributed via Newark PD, which partnered with Newark Central School District to identify students in need.
Christler said the couple indicated a desire to provide bicycles to students again this summer.
“The Newark Central School District is so appreciative of this couple’s kindness and generosity,” Superintendent Matt Cook said. “Their desire to help children have a safe and fun experience of living in Newark is heartwarming.”