Kelley School’s annual Family Picnic, organized and hosted by the PTA, offered a family-friendly outdoor event with food, games and activities.
The event attended by 385 people featured Walter Crum, of Phelps, as Wally the Balloon Man with music by Jonathan DeMitry, of Newark, as A&J Sounds. Activity and game stations included a dart game, ring toss, tattoos, cornhole, balloon making and two kickball game areas.
“It’s always great when your PTA Family Picnic has soooo many families enjoying an evening together … love it,” tweeted Jeff Hamelink, principal.
“We were really fortunate to have such nice weather, which brought out a lot of families to the Kelley PTA picnic this year,” said Michele DeYulio, PTA secretary. “It was great to see so many people enjoying themselves, playing games with friends and having a bite to eat outdoors. We were lucky to have a lot of teachers that wanted to be a part of this event — and the students were ecstatic to see them outside of the classrooms.
“Our PTA President Ann Cary secured a donation from Save-A-Lot, and Juli Scharett, our PTA treasurer, organized the rest of the food for the attendees. With the help of additional volunteers, we were able to have a fantastic picnic for our Kelley School families, and saw many smiles throughout the night.”
DeYulio said teachers and staff members helped set up and work the game stations and food line, including Sarah Bambury, Emily Bisland, Karen Burgess, Erin Cole, Cara Colf, Erich Dittmar, Alisa Elder, Katherine Fingar, Hamelinck, Donna Hamlin, Marcia Kraham, Kerri Levine, Michelle Lindner, Alicia Marchionda, Megan Matthews, Cassie McCumber, Sara McLean, Shannon McGinnis, Laurie Palmisano, Marcy Peters, Cheryl Robbins, Shelli Sutton, Kelly Valone, Kathleen Zappia and Lisa Zalacca.
DeYulio gave special thanks to Advantage Program teacher Mishiiannia Conner for cooking the hot dogs and hamburgers in the school kitchen.
Other volunteers included parents Karie DeWaters and Angela Mosquera as well as members Cary, DeYulio, Harmon Ranney, Scharett and Doreen Schommer.