People posing as grandchildren in trouble are hitting up "grandparents" for money. Sheriff advises people to hang up and notify law enforcement

An uptick in “grandparents scam” calls has caught the attention of Ontario County Sheriff Phil Povero who issued a warning this morning.

He notes that young adults being out of college provides a timely opportunity for criminals to try to bilk senior citizens out of their retirement funds by claiming to be a grandchild in need of help.

Povero said an 89-year-old Canandaigua man received a call from his “grandson” who was allegedly in jail on the West Coast, was embarrassed to call his parents and asked for bail money.

After a few questions, the Canandaigua man, who has grandchildren, believed the call was an attempt to fraudulently obtain money and he hung up.

Povero advises others receiving such calls do the same.

He said do not agree to send a check, money order or give out a credit card number. Contact a family member to let him or her know about the call.

Povero said although such telephone scams may be difficult to investigate, people should still contact law enforcement and report as much relevant information as possible.