Summer is almost here, and that means lots of fresh produce is available at your local farmers market or curbside market.
Vegetables and fruit are an important part of every family’s eating. There’s so much to enjoy, but the reality is 3 in 4 Americans are not eating enough fruits and vegetables.
Adding more vegetables and fruit to your day is easier than you think. This summer, Finger Lakes Eat Smart New York is running a campaign to provide you with ideas, recipes and tools to help your family enjoy fresh — as well as frozen or canned — produce to make it easy to “grab the good stuff.”
Eat together. Let your child see you enjoying vegetables and fruit during meals and snacks. Keep mealtime upbeat and stress free.
Cook together. Teach your child to tear lettuce or add veggie toppings to pizza. Not sure how to prepare it? Farmers know delicious ways to use their products, and are a great resource for food prep tips and recipes. Or, you can search for healthy and affordable recipes on our website at
Share the adventure. Try new vegetables and fruits together. Find fruit and veggies that aren’t usually in a grocery store, or at a farm stand or farmers market. Challenge yourself with a new ingredient. Go with friends or family to a “pick-your-own” farm or orchard. Get active while learning where your food comes from.
Take it with you. Show your child how whole fruit is a great snack to eat at the park or while doing errands. Put apples, oranges or bananas in your bag for quick snacks.
Look for the Grab the Good Stuff logo on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Pandora for more ideas, recipes and tools, including a farmers market and curbside market locator. Find a new way to prepare a vegetable you enjoy, and share your enthusiasm with everyone at the table.