After more than a decade, no one knows who killed Latasha Shaw.

All week, Messenger Post's news partner, News10NBC, has investigated one of the most notorious murders in Rochester.

After more than a decade, no one knows who killed Latasha Shaw. She was a mother and employee at the University of Rochester when she was murdered in 2007.

The investigation started when News10NBC Chief Investigative Reporter Berkeley Brean got a letter listing the names of people suspected of beating and killing Shaw.

The letter was written by Ebony Mack, the only person charged with Shaw's murder. At her trial in 2009, Mack was found not guilty.

The stories this week got the district attorney and the head of homicide at the Rochester Police Department to answer questions Thursday. That's when News10NBC learned about the unmatched DNA.

Names in the letter were blacked out because the individuals have never been charged, but in the letter Mack lists three people who, she says, "knocked Mrs. Shaw down," "stabbed her" and "stumped and jumped on her."

When News10NBC got the letter, they immediately shared it with the DA and the RPD.

News10NBC Chief Investigative Reporter Berkeley Brean: "The names in the letter, are they familiar to you?"

Captain Kevin Costello, RPD Major Crimes: "Yes they are."

Sandra Doorley, Monroe County District Attorney: "And they're familiar to me as well, yes."

Doorley: "We did look at those individuals who were named."

Brean: "And why do you think they weren't charged?"

Doorley: "Simply, there wasn't enough evidence against them."

On Tuesday, Ebony Mack met News10NBC back at the crime scene, the corner of Dewey and Driving Park Avenues. She admits she was here when Shaw was attacked and killed.

Brean: "Were you part of that group that went after Latasha Shaw?"

Mack: "No."

Brean: "So you didn't attack her at all."

Mack: "No, it wasn't our situation."

Brean: "She was arrested."

Captain Kevin Costello, RPD Major Crimes: "Yes she was."

Brean: "Do you think she was the killer?"

Costello: "I believe we had enough information to bring it to the court. We had enough information to indicate she is the one who committed the murder."

Again -- a jury found Ebony Mack not guilty.

Now to the DNA.

Latasha Shaw was stabbed with at least two knives. News10NBC was shown the DNA report by DA Doorley.

One column shows the evidence found on the handle of a silver knife followed by a series of numbers that indicate the DNA. Shaw's DNA are numbered in bold. But the same column shows other numbers and they belong to someone else.

"We don't know who that person is," Doorley said. "And we don't have anything to compare it to at this point."

Doorley says the unmatched DNA is not Ebony Mack.

There were 15 to 20 people who attacked Latasha Shaw the night she was murdered.

Captain Kevin Costello, RPD Major Crimes: "If we can make that case, and identify the other people involved in this fight, ultimately the DNA sample, if we can have a comparison, we would certainly make that case."

Sandra Doorley, Monroe County District Attorney: "A lot of people were present and there are people out there who know exactly what happened and again, if they're willing to come forward, we're willing to speak to them and hopefully attempt to put together a case."

If you or someone you know has information on the Latasha Shaw murder call 311 or the RPD Major Crimes Unit at 428-7157.