Wayne Central Middle School recently celebrated seventh- and eighth-grade student achievement and citizenship at its annual Night of Awards Ceremony.
Students were recognized for academic excellence, as well as recipients of the Larry Ruth Art and JoAnne Huff Service awards.
Special recognition went to the nominees and two winners of the Middle School Award of Excellence. The award goes to students for outstanding academic performance and community service.
The following students were honored at the Night of Awards Ceremony.
Life skills outstanding achievement: Michael Thiel Jr.
JoAnn Huff/PTO Service Award: Santo Pecora and Gianna Ryndock.
Larry Ruth Art Award: Jenah Ralston.
TCA Award of Excellence nominees: Merrick Bosch, Katie Cieplinski, Emma Culver, Jillian Groff, Connor Jantzi, Grace Koska, Sage Lambie, Noah Means, Daniel Merrell, Daniel Rook, Ella Salce and Jennavieve Schrage.
TCA Award of Excellence: Daniel Rook and Jennavieve Schrage.
Seventh grade
Accelerated math: Marlena Hewitt and Isak Krajeski.
Accelerated science: Elandria Brzezniak, Kyle Tomaselli and Kayla Van Bortel.
Art: Tawny Kramer, Taryn Mascioletti, Hannah Sitzer and Kayla Van Bortel.
Band: Olivia Huber and Sydney Kachmaryk.
Chorus: Alek Reynolds and Gianna Ryndock.
Citizenship: Jennifer Carpenter, Paige Lasher, Colton Melos and Jacob Wilson.
English/language arts: Elandria Brzezniak, Isabella DePascale and Johnathan Powers.
English/language arts perseverance: Nathan Michel.
English/language arts work ethic: Thomas Deutsch II.
French: Olivia Huber.
General music: Isak Krajeski and Mikayla Venti.
German: Rowan Constable.
Health: Isabella DePascale, Jordan Ford, Mason Hansen and Danniele Pierson.
Math: Julia Landon and Anna Malbone.
Math achievement: Owen Doran and Kayla Van Bortel.
Math perseverance: Andrew LaClair.
Math work ethic: Brooklyn Smith.
Outstanding effort: Jasmine Cole, Elissa Delmaine, Justice Kubida and Tyler Senecal.
Physical education: Cael Lawson, Dylan Vance and Mikayla Venti.
Science: Anna Malbone and Shelby Thorn.
Social studies: Katherine Dodge-Reeves, Owen Doran and Johnathan Powers.
Spanish: Owen Doran, Gianna Ryndock and Shelby Thorn.
TCA Art Gallery Award: Taryn Mascioletti.
Eighth grade
Algebra: Daniel Gullo, Sage Lambie and Ashlie Sitzer.
Band: Evan Panneitz and Sarah Smith.
Biology: Connor Jantzi and Grace Mosier.
Chorus: Zachary Bowman and Megan Strauss.
Citizenship: Kloie Chateauneuf, Katie Cieplinski, Connor Jantzi and Ella Salce.
English/language arts: Leila Bellinger, Daniel Rook and Ella Salce.
French: Sarah Smith.
German: Katie Cieplinski.
Math: Ronald Cassano and Riley Simpson.
Math perseverance: Kadin Johnson and Thomas LoDestro.
Math work ethic: Matthew Carder and Alexis Mirch.
Outstanding effort: Lily Ocque, Lily Sharpe, Mathew Smith and Ellie Wambold.
Physical education: Jillian Groff, Kadin Johnson and Savannah Steurrys.
Science: Kevin Leimberger and Molly Rosenzweig.
Social studies: Emma Grasso, Daniel Merrell and Ashlie Sitzer.
Spanish: Emma Culver, Daniel Merrell and Daniel Rook.
Technology: Merrick Bosch and William Sweeney.