A recent reception in the Newark High School library served as a way to thank 15 of the 20 staff members who are retiring at the end of this school year. Attendees shared words of praise, expressions of gratitude and memories.
The hourlong reception started with Superintendent Matt Cook expressing his congratulations and appreciation for the former employees’ years of service to Newark Central School District.
Principals Tom Roote, of Newark High School; Teresa Prinzi, of Newark Middle School; Jeff Hamelinck, of Kelley School; Sue Achille, of Perkins School; and Stephanie Miller, of Lincoln School, joined Ed Gnau, assistant superintendent for business, in sharing attributes about, fond memories of and, in some instances, anecdotes about each of the staff members.
The reception was attended by family members and board of education members Russ Harris, president; Susie Earl; Tom Ledbetter; Rebecca Vermeulen; and Jim Miranda.
Twenty staff members are retiring from Newark CSD in 2018: Kathryn Marshall, 35 years, Kelley third-grade teacher; Susan Oberdorf, 34 years, Lincoln speech therapist; Mary Chilcott, 32 years, Lincoln and Perkins physical education teacher; Marie Eichmann, 32 years, Perkins second-grade teacher; Brenda Oosterling, 32 years, NHS custodian; Linda Bray, 31 years, accounts payable clerk; Dawn Schwind, 31 years, Lincoln and Perkins art teacher; Shirley Deuel, 27 years, NHS food service helper; Jill Hausman, 26 years, Lincoln teacher assistant; Judy Shipp, 23 years, NHS math teacher; Lucille Aranzullo-Northrup, 22 years, Perkins universal pre-kindergarten teacher; Beth Wildey, 20 years, Kelley TA; Marina Crider, 19 years, NMS English teacher; Deborah Maddison, 18 years, NMS family and consumer science teacher; Rene Sutton-Spike, 15 years, NHS business teacher; Paul Moon, 15 years, bus driver; Maria Walton, 13 years, Perkins music teacher; Mabel Chetney, 10 1/2 years, Perkins food service helper; Eileen Taylor, nine years, Lincoln TA; and Paul Chetney, five years, NHS TA.