Where did spring go? Now, summer is here and all is in a tailspin. Lots going on, and lots of great, wonderful activities and functions. First, special thoughts for all of our special friends that need our love and prayers. We are thinking of you so much!
We have seen almost 1,000 students the past two months. The Lock Tender has been amazing, and lots going on at Lock 29 with surveyors looking for needed repairs, barges picking up fallen trees and boats from all over. There is no substitute for watching a lock in operation then standing top side and seeing the water fill up at the 16-foot lift and then down again. This gravity system is amazing and certainly an engineering wonder.
The Lock Tenders give us step-by-step information and a look at what goes on. The most wonderful part to see are the electrical circuit connectors and the bus bars and links that have operated in the same way for over 100 years. What do these parts look like? Shiny as a new penny, they are polished every day. When you stop at the New York State Erie Canal locks, you see pride in this man-made wonder from the well-groomed lawns to the perfectly painted buildings and railings and boat bollard and cleats.
We have served the Pal-Mac Lions Club their last meal before summer work, the Palmyra Kings’ Daughters their summer dinner and a wedding shower for our own Kristy. Tours have been coming in groups and troves. Friends of friends have stopped in to say hi from Oregon and Utah, and an author specializing on Adm. Sampson. Ed Boehling is publishing his second book on the rear admiral, and he is always full of information. Repairs have been made on our air conditioner, furnaces and new rooms and displays. The Pal-Mac Lions Club is doing a room for their Legacy Project and sharing all the wonderful accomplishments they have and all our great friends past and present.
The Erie Canal Depot has become a masterpiece of originality and interaction from the newly open mule stable display and a 22-foot Myron Holley mural looking just like it is heading out of Palmyra in 1826. So many new items and changes. Take your virtual trip and blow the barge whistle, write on a luggage tag and receive your ticket. Programs have been given and visitations made, groups from St. Margaret’s and some ladies on a day trip from Hilton. Some bikers making short trips and some making long trips. Thanks to all of our staff, volunteers, helpers and students for all they give and share of their time and talents. Come on down, we can use you!