While that work continues, so do boat repairs, which can cost a few thousand dollars.

East Fork Marina has been busy fixing boats that have been damaged from passing through the channel from Braddock Bay into Lake Ontario.

Dozens of boaters launching from West Point Marina are reporting damage to their propellers.

The marina is under new ownership.

The Daniele Family Companies have been investing in restoring the marina, making vast improvements.

They don't have control over the dredging project but told Messenger Post's news partner, News10NBC that they continue communicating with the Army Corps of Engineers saying that the hazard has been created due to delays.

"I understand there are some unexpected obstacles under the water people are hitting," stated Thomas Barbera, East Fork Marina.

Sand pushed into the bay left the boat channel only six inches deep.

"In front, its all sand from lighthouse point to close to the river," adds Barbera.

In 2015, Senator Chuck Schumer announced securing $9.5 million in federal funding for the massive restoration project saying the channel will be four times deeper and wider while also constructing a 2.5 acre barrier beach and fixing the wetland ecosystem.

While that work continues, so do boat repairs which can cost a few thousand dollars.