Troopers say a Naples man was falsely representing himself as a law officer

NAPLES — A man once charged with impersonating a cop during one of the most tragic moments in the career of any police officer is accused of doing it again.

New York State Police say Paul Gullo, of Naples, is accused of wearing a badge on his belt with a New York State logo on it and a badge number.

Gullo was arrested July 6 and put into the Ontario County Jail. He's charged with first-degree criminal impersonation, a misdemeanor.

According to the criminal complaint filed in the Naples Town Court and obtained by News10NBC on Monday, Gullo was questioned by a state police trooper at Gullo's family's home in Naples.

The report says when Gullo was questioned he was "wearing a police officer badge on his belt."

The complaint goes on to say "the top of the badge read 'Robbery Prevention' and the bottom read 'Officer.'"

Trooper Brian Hotchkiss wrote in the report that Gullo attempted "to convince me he was a law enforcement official ... in Penfield, NY."

On Monday, the Daily Messenger's news partner News 10NBC went to the same home where Gullo was questioned by police. When News 10NBC knocked on the front door, no one answered.

Gullo was first accused of impersonating a law officer when he joined thousands of police officers at the funeral of Officer Daryl Pierson, a Rochester police officer killed in the line of duty four years ago.

One of his lawyers at the time, Avik Ganguly, told News 10NBC Monday that Gullo received a "non-criminal disposition." His former attorney said the case is sealed.

On June 21, two weeks before his most recent arrest, Gullo updated his Facebook profile picture and it included a picture of him in what appears to be a police uniform with the badge over his heart.

New York State Police did not share any information on this case Monday, so it is not known whether Gullo ever tried to use the badge he's accused of wearing to try to arrest someone in Naples where he lives and where he was arrested.

Gullo got bailed out of jail last week. His bail was set at $1,000. Gullo is scheduled to be in court in Naples Thursday night.