GENESEO —The search continued Wednesday night in Geneseo for a man police say is armed and dangerous. The suspect was driving a car with out-of-state plates with a female passenger inside.


They were heading south on Route 63 when they were pulled over for a traffic stop. That's when police say the man — who has since been identified as David Clyde Morgan of Wilmington, North Carolina — pulled a gun on the officer, shots were fired and then the suspect took off running.

The female passenger, that was in the car with him, retreated to the police car during the altercation and is currently in custody.

Livingston County Sheriff Dougherty tweeted out a picture that was taken of the suspect moments before a routine traffic stop quickly turned dangerous.

He was last seen wearing a grey hoodie, grey baseball cap and blue jeans and is considered armed and dangerous.

The sheriff says the man took into the cornfield and hasn't been seen since. He was last seen on foot at Route 63 south of Route 20A in the Town of Geneseo, and is described as approximately 5-foot-9 and around 200 pounds. The thick brush is making the hunt difficult.

Around 100 officers were on the scene Wednesday night, along with air support and K-9's.

Nearby homes have been evacuated while all others are warned to stay inside, keep doors closed and eyes open.

If you see a person matching the previous description you are asked to call the Livingston County Emergency Communications Center (911) or University Police at 585-245-5222.