Messenger Post's news partner, News10NBC, recently talked to the man accused of posing as a cop and threatening to arrest someone.

Paul Gullo walked into Naples Town Court with his family Thursday night. It’s the first time News10NBC has seen him since he was arrested in July.

When he walked out of court Thursday, News10NBC got the chance to ask him questions.

News10NBC Chief Investigative Reporter Berkeley Brean: "Paul, can I ask you a couple of questions?"

Paul Gullo: "Sorry, any questions need to be directed to my counsel."

Brean: "Can you explain what you were thinking a couple of weeks ago?"

Carrie Bleakley, lawyer: "We have no comment at this time. I would stand by the remarks made on the record. Thank you."

Brean: "Your client has firearms he’s been allowed to keep."

Bleakley: "I would stand by my comments on the record. Thank you."

New York State Police arrested Gullo for telling a customer at the Dollar General in Naples that he could arrest him. Court papers say Gullo was wearing a badge that said "Robbery Prevention."

Trooper Mark O’Donnell: “At one point in line he said to a customer, ‘I can arrest you.’”

Police say Gullo was also wearing a hat that said "police" and had handcuffs.

Four years ago, when Gullo was the Deputy Mayor in Naples, he was arrested for impersonating a police officer after the funeral of slain RPD officer Daryl Pierson.

The court reduced his most recent charge to a misdemeanor Thursday night. His lawyer tried to get the whole thing thrown out.

Brean: "Police say he's alleged to have said he could arrest somebody. That’s not impersonating law enforcement?"

Bleakley: "Again, I’m going to be submitting a formal written motion. It will become part of the court’s record and I’m sure you’ll be able to have access to that. And I would rely on that."

The Ontario County prosecutor said Gullo has a pistol permit in Monroe County. The judge signed an order saying he has to stay away from the person he’s accused of threatening to arrest.

But the judge let him keep his gun.

Gullo is due back in Naples Court on August 16.