Some local doctors said patients may be part of the problem.

A new CDC study found many urgent care clinics are over prescribing antibiotics.

Doctors say when a person takes antibiotics and doesn't need them it opens them up to super bugs or antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Researchers found 46 percent of patients that visited urgent care clinics for respiratory problems, were prescribed antibiotics.

That's compared to 24 percent at emergency rooms and 17 percent at medical offices.

Messenger Post's news partner, News10NBC, spoke with local doctors who said patients may be part of the problem.

Doctor Emil Lesho of Rochester Regional Health said, "there's a lot of pressure to prescribe antibiotics especially in urgent care centers. I used to practice at an urgent care center and patients are coming to those centers and many patients expect some tangible result such as a prescription for something, often times one of the easiest things to prescribe are antibiotics."

Medical experts say you shouldn't pressure your doctor into giving you antibiotics if it can be treated with something else.