The Pillage ‘N the Village Bed Race Regatta $6K Fundraiser hits Palmyra’s Main Street on Aug. 11 during Palmyra Pirate Weekend.
Participants previously build their own beds for the race; however, Historic Palmyra’s Pirates of the Erie Canal built a fleet of six schooners for this year’s event. All racers ages 16 and older need to do is assemble a five-person crew and be one of the first six teams to register.
Entry fees are waived this year. Registered racers are tasked with asking families, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. to make a donation in support of their team. The Eventbrite page lists the six beds, and donors will click on the bed of their choice to show their support.
All donations support Historic Palmyra, a nonprofit education organization tasked with preserving Palmyra’s architectural and historical legacy. The organization operates five museums, and offers events and historical programming throughout the year.
The race is called a $6K Fundraiser this year to reflect each team’s goal to raise $1,000. The top three finishers will receive medals, and names from the winning team will be added to the trophy that hangs in Palmyra Village Hall. The traditional $100 first-place prize will include 10 percent of the total donations raised for the winning team’s bed.
Email or visit for information.