The accident left hundreds in Henrietta without power

HENRIETTA — A portion of Lehigh Station Road in Henrietta remained closed late Monday night after crews freed a driver of a dump truck. As of 11 p.m. crews were still working to restore the poles and lines after a dump truck knocked down 15 utility poles in Henrietta early Monday.

It happened after the driver came out of the Rush-Henrietta Senior High School parking lot with the bed of the truck still in the raised position.

The driver was trapped inside the truck for more than two hours. No injuries were reported.

A number of drivers had to be rescued from their vehicles. One driver recalls the moment his truck was hit with the power lines.

"It was scary seeing the poles come down on the street and then all the sudden they hit the top of my truck and I didn't know what to do. I know you're supposed to stay in the truck but I heard all the frying going on out there and decided ... let me bail," said Cal DiMaria.

DiMaria added, "I was lucky, if I'd have pulled about three more feet, then I'd have been under that pole."

The kids and teachers attending summer school at Rush-Henrietta High School had to stay put too. They were in lockdown for a few hours until they could be safely evacuated out the back of the school.

The Monroe County Sheriff's Office, Henrietta Fire Department, and other first responders were on the scene Monday trying to repair the damages.

"One of the most difficult things is because of the live, energized lines, we're not able to go in as quickly as we normally do," said Henrietta Fire Chief Mark Strzyzynski. "So, we kinda have to scout it from a safe area, try to touch base with the people there trapped in the vehicles and let them know to stay put until the power can be cut."

RG&E worked to cut the power in order to free drivers.

The dump truck is owned by Farrari Excavating. The owner tells the Daily Messenger's news partner News 10NBC his driver has more than 20 years of commercial trucking experience and right now they're unsure how this happened.

Deputies are asking people in the area to stay inside due to the threat of power lines.

At one point more than 1,200 people were without power. That number was down to around 50 Monday night but will fluctuate over the next few days as crews work to clean up Lehigh Station Road.