HENRIETTA — The driver of a dump truck that tore down utility poles in Henrietta Monday morning has been charged with two traffic-related offenses, according to the Monroe County Sheriff's Office.

The indicator light that tells the driver the bed of the truck is raised was not working at the time, authorities say. The Sheriffs Office explained the inspection of the truck also showed one of the brake lines was leaking.

The driver has been cited with both of those infractions as well as ticketed for an over-height vehicle.

Investigators say driver Mark Inguaggito came out of the Rush-Henrietta High School parking lot with the bed of the truck still in the raised position, taking out 15 utility poles. The poles have since been replaced.

The driver was trapped inside the truck for more than two hours. A number of other drivers had to be rescued from their vehicles to avoid power line dangers. The high school, where summer school was in session, was in lockdown for a few hours until students and teachers could be safely evacuated out the back of the school.

No injuries were reported.

At one point on Monday, more than 1,200 RG&E customers lost their electricity because of the huge mess along a section of Lehigh Station Road, which was shut down until Tuesday morning. By Tuesday afternoon, only one customer remained without power.

The dump truck is owned by Farrari Excavating. The owner says Inguaggito has more than 20 years of experience and isn't sure what went wrong.

More charges for Inguaggito could follow. He is due in court August 21.