The governor appears in Rochester to pledge $50 million for projects along the Genesee River

ROCHESTER — Governor Andrew Cuomo made an appearance in Rochester Wednesday to announce funding for the "Roc the Riverway' project.

Speaking at the Joseph B. Floriano Rochester Riverside Convention Center, Cuomo pledged $50 million in funding for projects along the Genesee River.

"This is an exciting time for Rochester, as we are about to witness an unprecedented level of investment and activity along our riverfront, which will help us transform our city and create more jobs, safer and more vibrant neighborhoods and better educational opportunities for our citizens," said Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren.

The goal is to attract more businesses to downtown Rochester by making the riverfront a popular destination.

"Young people have been leaving Upstate New York for the past 40 years. And we've turned that around and young people are now coming back and these things are happening," said Cuomo. "And as they happen there's a synergy among them. And there's a catalytic effect so 'ROC the Riverway' works with the Strong Museum, works with the new airport, works with the new train station, and one builds on the other."

The city plans to consolidate up to 28 projects.

Cuomo said Wednesday that the city will begin by honoring the first 13. 

The initial focus will notably begin with $4.5 million allocated to the Broad Street aqueduct. The state will look to restore the aqueduct as a year-round public venue.

An additional $6 million is planned to renovate the Blue Cross Arena at the War Memorial and better connect it to the riverfront. Another $1 million will also be allocated to build Rochester's first outdoor skate park in downtown beneath the Douglass-Anthony Bridge

All areas of focus will include:

Aqueduct Reimagined Riverfront Promenade

Rundel Library North Entrance

Blue Cross Arena

Riverside Convention Center

Riverway Main to Andrews

Front Street Promenade

Roc City Skate Park

Genesee Gateway Park

Corn Hill Navigation

High Falls Terrace Park

Pont de Rennes Bridge

Running Track Bridge

Downtown/Riverfront Management Entity