Thomas said the force of the tree hitting the home pushed him out of the house.

Severe thunderstorms tore through Wayne County on Monday, with the National Weather Service tracking wind damage.

In the Town of Ontario, three brothers witnessed the power of that wind first-hand.

"It dawned on me…I'm going to die or miraculously be alive," expressed Thomas Emery, just steps away from his family's destroyed mobile home.

Thomas was inside his bedroom on Monday evening when he heard his brothers shouting his name from the front of the house located in the Forest Grove Trailer Park on Route 104 in Ontario.

"I went to peek my head around the hallway, when I did that, about that time I saw the bedroom wall shift some, I heard some popping and cracking," he recalled.

His little brother, Dalton Palombi, was in the living room when he saw the ceiling start to cave in. He immediately yelled for his other brothers to move.

Dalton and his brother, Andrew, were able to get out but they were terrified that Thomas was injured.

Thomas said when he saw the roof start to cave in, he dropped to the ground and tried to protect his head.

"I got hit by a part of the roof and the wall itself. A piece of quarter-inch sheetrock is what saved me from getting hit by the tree. My head was three inches away from getting hit by the tree…that sheetrock saved me," he said.

Meanwhile, Dalton and Andrew feared the worst.

"I was thinking 'it's too late, Thomas is dead,'" shared Dalton, the youngest of the three brothers.

Thomas said the force of the tree hitting the home pushed him out of the house.

"I felt my body move forward, like the flooring slid out from where it was sitting. I felt myself being rained on, in a matter of 15 seconds. I could hear my brothers screaming, I was outside. My immediate action was full-blown 'save the kids' mode. I booked it around the house to the front door. I get to the front door and I see them screaming and that the tree had come through the roof," Thomas described, adding that he told his brothers to run to a neighbor's house where they called 911.

"Thomas pops up at the door. At this point, I'm thanking God. 'God, thank you. You saved us,'" said Dalton, who explained the family's dog and cat were both able to get out but some kittens were still missing.

"I'm just happy my brothers and me are alive. I'm a little shaky. I can still see it in my head…just picture it," said Dalton.

Thomas agreed, "I still have brief flashes of everything caving in. I'm ok otherwise…my head doesn't hurt…I just can't believe I'm alive."

The family had to find somewhere else to sleep, with the Red Cross on scene assisting.

The tree also damaged the mobile home next door, forcing that family to relocate, as well.

Ontario Fire was on scene within moments of the call, keeping people back from the home out of an abundance of caution in case the power lines were still live.