This summer I had the pleasure to send 17 children from the county to the New York State Sheriffs’ Association Institute’s summer camp. The sheriffs’ summer camp is designed to provide a solid recreational program combined with the development of a sense of good citizenship, and to provide a child who ordinarily would not have the opportunity for a summer camp experience. Thank you to my confidential secretary Betty Rose Chardeen, who handles the registrations, logistics, coordination and personally supervises several trips of transportation of the kids to and from the camp each year. To make this all possible, it is also the goodwill and charitable giving of the Sheriffs’ Institute honorary members that gives these kids the opportunity to attend the Sheriffs’ summer camp. Thank you to all the Wayne County honorary members of the NYS Sheriffs’ Association Institute. Without your donations, none of this would be possible.
Deputies will be at the sheriff’s office booth in Floral Hall at the Wayne County Fair with pamphlets on personal and public safety and Operation SafeChild on Aug. 13-18. Ask us about the Yellow Dot program, a free medical information program designed to provide life-saving medical information during the first “golden hour” after a crash or other emergency. When you can’t speak for yourself, Yellow Dot can speak for you, giving first responders vital medical information and saving time to save lives. On Tuesday, Aug. 14 at 11 a.m., I will discuss senior safety. On Wednesday, Aug. 15 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., deputies will conduct a child safety seat check. On Friday, Aug. 17 and Saturday, Aug. 18 at 5 p.m., the sheriff’s office K-9 team will do a demonstration. The sheriff’s office Explorer Post will be on-site daily to assist with parking and other services to make your county fair visit enjoyable. I will work remotely from the sheriff’s office command post trailer all week, and each command officer will take one night of duty. I look forward to meeting all of you who will be visiting the Wayne County Fair. Please stop by and say hello. Tell me what the sheriff’s office does well, what we need to improve on and give me your ideas. Deputies will be assigned to the fair so you can be ensured a safe and friendly Wayne County Fair experience. Come out and enjoy your Wayne County Fair.
This question comes up from time to time: Can all-terrain vehicles (ATVs, four-wheelers) legally use the designated snowmobile trails on state Route 104? The answer? No, you cannot legally operate ATVs on the state Route 104 trails. So where can ATVs operate? On private land owned by the ATV operator, lands where written permission is obtained by the ATV operator from the land owner or public lands designated and signage posted for ATV use. If you do not have written permission or posted signage authorizing your privilege to operate an ATV on lands, you do not have permission to operate. Do not assume you have a right to operate on lands you do not own. Please respect lands of others, and enjoy your sport with safe operation and authorized permission where you operate your ATV.
Wayne County has 318 registered sex offenders living in our towns and villages. I report this information each month to the public safety committee, and forward individual town data to each town supervisor. Currently, sex offenders registered in each town are as follows — Arcadia, 59; Butler, 24; Galen, 18; Huron, 24; Lyons, 57; Macedon, 15; Marion, 12; Ontario, 19; Palmyra, 27; Rose, 10; Savannah, 10; Sodus, 36; Walworth, six; Williamson, 16; and Wolcott, 32. You can find out more information by visiting our website ( and the free Mobile Patrol app. If you have any questions, please contact the sheriff’s office or your village/town police. This information is not to alarm you, but to give you the resources to protect yourself and your loved ones, and to prevent crime and victimization.
Do not text or use your cell phone while operating your vehicle: Please respond to my plea, because driver inattention caused by texting or talking on your cellphone is as dangerous as operating a vehicle when impaired or intoxicated by alcohol. No message or phone conversation is so important that could cause injury or death to you or someone else. The life you save could be your own. Please obey this law.
In June 2018, 81 males and 18 females were committed to the jail facility. There were 99 transports, 9,616 inmate meals served and $28,869.93 collected from 37 inmates released on bail and fines. Inmates worked 1,925 hours of labor in laundry, facility cleaning and food service. The jail facility boarded 33 inmates from Ontario, Oswego and Seneca county sheriff’s offices, and secured 20 parole violators and 10 inmates that were ready for transfer to state prison.
Court security officers cleared 3,197 people entering the Hall of Justice through the magnetometer, securing 35 weapons and 794 other contraband items similar to Transportation Security Administration airport security — firearms, ammunition, knives, scissors, cell phones, glass bottles, umbrellas, helmets, hand tools, etc.
Deputies traveled 108,068 miles on patrol, investigating 67 motor vehicle accidents in which nine people were injured, five missing persons, 37 animal complaints, 392 minor crimes, 11 major crimes, seven fire investigations and 1,948 miscellaneous complaints, totaling 2,484 for the month. Deputies issued 321 traffic tickets, eight DWIs and made 153 violation, misdemeanor and felony arrests and 13 mental health arrests.
The Records Office registered 43 sex offenders. Deputies verified 81 offender home addresses, processed 132 requests for reports and conducted 109 records checks. The Pistol Permit Unit processed 28 pistol permit applications and 60 pistol permit amendments requiring a Brady Check. The Civil Office served 89 legal papers and 61 family court orders, handled nine evictions, received $127,226.52 and paid out $124,000.30 to creditors. The county treasurer received $14,241.57 for the county’s general fund.
Wayne County law enforcement charged 20 people with DWI: Macedon PD, one; Newark PD, one; Palmyra PD, one; WCSO, eight; and NYSP, nine. Please drink responsibly.
Investigator Roger LaClair attended the basic computer evidence recovery training in Hoover, Alabama, and I attended the NYS Sheriffs’ Association summer training conference in Buffalo.
Sgt. Investigator Matt Hilkert completed 15 years of service. Lt. Joe Croft completed 20 years of service, and Sgt. Investigator Rod Gifford completed 30 years of service. I salute Matt, Joe and Rod for their service.
If you see something, say something. Call 911 to report any suspicious activity. Social media is used to inform you of events and arrests that would be released to the media, but timelier to keep you informed. Social media sites are not used as an official communication tool. Concerns and inquiries should be directed to me by calling (315) 946-5797, by emailing or mailing Sheriff Barry Virts, 7376 state Route 31, Suite 1000, Lyons, NY, 14489. If you have a complaint that is an emergency or time sensitive, call 911 to have law enforcement respond immediately.
Visit us at our social media sites, Facebook page “Wayne County Sheriff’s Office,” Twitter accounts @SheriffVirts and @WayneCoSheriff and Load the free MobilePatrol App on your smartphone for a one stop resource for all WCSO information.
Please contact me at (315) 946-5797 or at with any questions or concerns you may have.