The village of Newark will receive a $40,000 grant to defray the cost of three new police vehicles.
The grant and a low-interest loan awarded by USDA Rural Development allows the village to purchase all three vehicles with a total initial expenditure of $23,000. This funding helps the village purchase new, energy-efficient vehicles without the need to increase taxes or use reserve funds.
“Public safety has always been a priority of this administration,” said Stu Blodgett, police commissioner. “Providing our men and women with the best tools possible without burdening the residents is a win-win for everyone.”
The village also purchased a police chief’s vehicle from Lyons. It upgraded the department’s computers earlier this spring.
“We are thrilled to be able to make significant improvements in our police department without impacting the budget,” Mayor Jonathan Taylor said. “This grant, as well as our investment in new computers and a chief’s vehicle, will greatly enhance our ability to ensure public safety.”