I will vote for Kitty Karle for Ontario County judge in the primary election, Sept. 13.

My reason is this. After listening carefully to both candidates, I came to my decision when I spoke to a domestic violence survivor, a client of Kitty's. This person endured multiple hospitalizations with injuries that chill the soul. Kitty prosecuted this case with great sensitivity and a relentless resolve for her client.

I admire her tenacity, and I am highly respectful of her background, family-based values and desire to do the right thing. Campaign rhetoric is escalating, but it pales in comparison when you come face to face with a victim’s horrific reality. When you talk with the victims, it becomes crystal clear their lives and futures hinge on the abilities of those seeking justice.

Real-life and critical issues are at stake, and I want an experienced and proven person at the helm. Kitty has expertly handled over 80 felony jury and bench trials involving murder, sexual assault and violent felonies. This includes drug cases, family cases and thousands of criminal cases. Kitty has honed her skills well. She has proven experience with a demonstrated desire to serve the residents of this community.

Please join me in voting for Kitty for the positive future of all who live in our beautiful chosen spot, Ontario County.

Bonnie Elmore Ross