He was deemed cancer-free last month.

Bills Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly discussed his ongoing recovery from oral cancer with Messenger Post's news partner, News10NBC's Buffalo affiliate WGRZ.

Kelly is currently recovering from surgery that removed cancer from his upper jaw and lymph nodes back in March. He was deemed cancer-free last month.

"I have learned that so many years ago, not only through the Super Bowls, but through what my son and what he went through and really seeing other people and what they go through," Kelly said. "I don't have it as bad as so many people out there."

Kelly said there are several more procedures ahead to reconstruct his jaw, but he remains optimistic.

"The one person that I want to see smile is myself in the mirror, knowing that I've beaten so many odds, but now I can help others."

He also talked about home much he appreciates the continued support he gets from the community.

"Well it's because of the letters I receive every week, the cards, the well-wishers, the big billboards that people send to me and I've already got a bunch stashed away... How that makes you feel. It of course just puts a smile on my face. I know what it's done to my life. I'm never going to give up... I'm a Buffalo Bill...Buffalo Bills never give up... people from Buffalo never give up."