How should parents get kids back on a sleep schedule before school starts?

Parents are already counting down the days until school starts. Messenger Post's news partner, News10NBC is giving you 10 things to know before the kids head back to school while we continue to follow our back to school family, the McCoys.

How should parents get kids back on a sleep schedule before school starts?

Right now, the McCoy girls don't have a bedtime for the summer, but in a few weeks, that will change. Eleven-year-old Coco says it's not always easy to fall asleep.

"I can't sleep at night so I'm just awake so I watch Family Feud and drift off to sleep," Coco said.

Dr. Alice Hoagland, director of insomnia services at Rochester General Health said many kids begin to change around Coco's age.

"Somewhere in the preteen years, they become night owls," Dr. Hoagland said. "This is a condition that's called delayed sleeping phase. This is normal, biologically driven and has little to do with social activities."

Dr. Hoagland said when kids stay up all night, they tend to sleep all day, but parents can change that cycle.

"Every two or three days you can back up their wake time by half an hour and do it in a sort of gentle and kind way," Dr. Hoagland said.

If you think your child has insomnia, you can try an app for sleep before seeking medical attention. The Pzziz app uses voice-overs and soft music to clear the mind for sleep. The Relax and Sleep Well app is another option that uses hypnosis and mediation so you can get some rest.

Doctors recommend school-aged kids get between eight and nine hours of sleep a night. Even though she's a bit of a night owl, Coco says she's an early riser too making the school adjustment easy.

"I wake up early every day to go to my grandma's house at 5:30 in the morning," Coco said.

According to a new Boston Children's Hospital report, between 20 and 30 percent of kids have trouble sleeping. Doctors warn kids who don't get enough sleep can have hypertension, poor cognitive function, and even symptoms of attention deficit disorder.