David Sweet is continuing to serve prison time for his role in the death of Nina Fiser, 3

While ecstatic that the man serving time for killing his daughter had his request for parole denied, Merle Fiser’s emotions are tempered because he has to face the uncertainty again in two years.

David Sweet was convicted of killing Fiser’s 3-year-old daughter Nina more than two decades ago. Sweet, who has served 23 years of a 23-years-to-life prison sentence, was convicted of brutally abusing the little girl to death. The Ontario County Sheriff's Office investigated.

Sweet was Nina's mother's boyfriend at the time of her death.

Fiser was informed earlier this month that the Parole Board denied Sweet’s release. But, the board noted, Sweet is scheduled to reappear before the board in June 2020.

Fiser said he and those who knew Nina, who is bured in Perinton, Monroe County, are really happy Sweet will remain behind bars.

“Everybody who knew Nina is ecstatic,” Fiser said. “The only down part is we have to do this again in two years.”

Fiser, who testified before the Parole Board in May, circulated an online petition to garner support for keeping Sweet in jail. More than 1,900 people signed the petition.

“We received a lot of fantastic support,” Fiser said.

Now he’s trying to push the state Legislature to up the time between parole request, from two years now to five years.

“As far as victims go, we’d really like to see the amount of time extended,” Fiser said.