Sunday, he was in Buffalo.

Bills fans may recall, Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton helped send the Bills to their first NFL playoff appearance since 1999.

Sunday he was in Buffalo.

"There's no words for what he did, it's the impossible play, 4th and 12, nobody thought he was going to make that pass," Bills fan said Lora Ormsbee.

Dalton and his wife, JJ, turned up at the Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center Sunday to make a donation of electronic devices like Game Boys, iPads, and Kindles to the Center's pediatric unit and its young patients and their families.

Dalton and Buffalo fans have had a special relationship since that big assist he gave them. After that, fans gave more than $400,000 in spontaneous donations to the Andy and JJ Dalton Foundation came pouring in.

"To have it happen from a completely different fan base is pretty crazy and a story that doesn't happen often," Dalton explained. "So we're just so thankful for all the support we've gotten from the city of Buffalo, a lot of Bills fans all over and all over the world. And it's been just so amazing because y'all may not know the impact that you're having on so many families."

The Daltons say they are also partnering with the Angel Foundation which has helped families with ailing children in Buffalo and Cincinnati cover various costs beyond treatment.