"People don't get their work, they don't get what's going on because they're on their phones."

Students across our area are heading back to class soon. Messenger Post's news partner, News10NBC will be giving you 10 things to know before your kids head back to school and we're following a local family -- the McCoys -- to do it.

More than 70 percent of teens check their phone every hour, according to a recent study conducted by Common Sense Media. Imani McCoy admits cell phones are a distraction at school.

"People don't get their work, they don't get what's going on because they're on their phones," Imani says.

At School 58, phones are not allowed. All phones should be off and away throughout the day, Trelawney McCoy, Imani mom's, supports that policy.

"When you're in a setting where you are being educated to learn, the phones shouldn't be there," Trelawney says.

In the Greece Central School District, the principal at Greece Olympia says a student and teacher survey inspired their district-wide policy.

"They're free to use it in the cafeteria, they can use it in the hallway, they can use it in study hall," Marc Fleming says. "When it's instructional time, they need to be off and away."

Fleming says fewer distractions means higher student achievement.

"Now you don't have access to your social media apps, you don't have access to your friends on your phone, you don't have that distraction in your hand," Fleming says.

Trelawney says she thinks it's a good idea to break the cell phone addiction habit.

"You're there to learn and it's not what's in that cell phone," Trelawney says. "It's with that teacher up there talking and saying what she needs to say."

Officials in the Greece Central School District say they expect other districts throughout our area to follow a similar cellphone policy.

It's a good idea for parents to check their child's school's cell phone policy before they return to school.